In Focus: Christine Wang

Christine is completing her final year in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. She spent the last six summers working with healthcare teams near Inner Mongolia, enabling her to gather local perceptions of poverty, power and justice within humanitarian contexts. Exploring communities’ priorities and experiences of aid has brought her into proximity with narratives of neglect, exploitation and resiliency surrounding the country’s widening ethnic inequalities and rural-urban divide. She has witnessed the region’s evolving public health landscape over the years, allowing her to investigate the sustainability and effectiveness of humanitarian practices. Christine’s field experience has fueled her interest in development economics and global health ethics, which have led to opportunities working with the Health Impact Fund and the Centre for Ethical, Social and Cultural Risk at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute.

Christine also co-founded the first Student Chapter of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) that is currently developing the Global Health Agora, an inter-professional community engagement platform. Through partnerships with key Hamilton informants, they are exploring moral themes of lust (sexual violence), pride (racism & discrimination), wrath (war & terrorism) and gluttony (obesity & hunger) as glo-cal health challenges. The CCGHR Student Chapter continues to benefit from the incredible mentorship of HumEthNet members, such as Lisa Schwartz and Elysée Nouvet, whose dedication to student learning has provided Christine with unique opportunities for academic and personal growth.

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