ICRC Announcement: Launch of the Humanitarian Law & Policy blog

A digital forum on how to better protect and assist people affected by conflict and violence
About the blog

Humanitarian Law & Policy is an ICRC blog powered by the International Review of the Red Cross. Focusing on the interplay between international law and the policies that shape humanitarian action, it gathers academics, lawyers and aid workers concerned with improving humanitarian action and limiting the effects of armed conflict and violence.

Today’s posts

The blog is being launched on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, which starts on Monday. We open with a video interview with Head of Policy Hugo Slim, outlining how the ICRC approaches the upcoming Summit. It also features a post by Jennie Phillips on how to empower local communities through Digital Response Networks. Last but not least, Marc DuBois sheds light on an overlooked aspect of the principle of Impartiality, reminding us that in the world of humanitarian relief, people sometimes must be left behind.

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