In Focus: Brett Sutton

Brett Sutton is Public Health Registrar at Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He currently works with the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health (Burnet Institute), and is an Adjunct Lecturer with James Cook University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

Brett is passionate about Public Health, which has both inspired and led his career trajectory. He had a 10-year career in Emergency Medicine including as deputy director of a rural Tasmanian ED. This was followed by several years of field-based international public health. He worked primarily in international public health in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Timor-Leste. This included work in child and maternal health, disease surveillance, TB and refugee health. On return to Australia, he has worked in the Communicable Disease Prevention & Control Unit and Office of the Chief Health Officer at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

He moved to Burnet in 2016 for a 12-month secondment. He is currently assisting with the Victorian Hepatitis C elimination strategy. His expertise is in synthesising clinical work with international and local public health experience.

Recent publications and publications of interest:

The Tortoise and the Hare: Polio, Guinea Worm and the Race to Eradication  

How to respond to sexual transmission of ebolavirus from EVD survivors?

An Afghanistan experience.
Brett A Sutton
. Med J Aust. 2003 Dec; 179(11-12):591-593


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