OCT 6, 2016 – Live Webinar How to Raise Funds in “Humanitarian Situations”


Live Webinar How to Raise Funds in “Humanitarian Situations”

Date: Thursday Oct 6, 2016  ||  Time: 13:30-15:00 GMT

The number of emergency situations around the world is increasing. When a crisis erupts, or within the context of an ongoing emergency, there are many funding mechanisms that are available. However, it can be difficult to access this funding, due to the system’s complexity and the chaos that ensues in an emergency situation. This webinar will help to explain the complexities of the humanitarian funding system and empower NGOs to identify potential sources of funding.

Presenter: Janet Ilott is an experienced development and humanitarian professional, with experience working in Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America. Janet is an experienced proposal developer and project manager, who has worked in emergency and post-emergency situations and has first-hand experience of the realities of working in such contexts. Throughout her career, she has developed a broad range of proposals for institutional donors, corporations and foundations. She has worked in Haiti, South Sudan, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya and Morocco

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