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From the publisher:

“Humanitarian Action Ethics explores the ethical dilemmas at the heart of humanitarian action in the 21st century, turning theory into practice for enabling effective change.

  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date work on humanitarian ethics currently available.
  • Brings together contributions from humanitarian and health professionals, philosophers and social/political scientists, covering a wide range of countries and addressing the most pressing concerns facing modern humanitarian work.
  • Goes beyond the theoretical to consider how such ethical concerns might inform more effective practical approaches to humanitarianism.
  • Subjects covered include volunteer tourism, gender-based violence, the effects of globalization and highly politicized aid environments.”

Contributions from HHERG and HumEthNet Members:
Matthew Hunt and Jingru Miao explored “Moral Entanglement and the Ethics of Closing Humanitarian Projects”.

Rachel Kiddell-Monroe and her colleagues discussed “Humanitarian Ethics in Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders”.

John Pringle and Toby Leon Moorsom reflected on “An Ethic of Refusal: The Political Economy of Humanitarianism Under Neoliberal Globalisation”.

Together the contributions in this publication inform how new perspective on humanitarian ethics can enhance humanitarian action.

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