2012 Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics Forum

In November 2012, the humanitarian healthcare ethics (hhe) research group hosted the Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics Forum at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Participants from a variety of disciplinary and organizational backgrounds engaged in an intensive deliberative forum on the…

About hhe

The humanitarian health ethics (hhe) research group is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners collaborating together since 2009 with the aim of helping to clarify the ethical issues that are present in humanitarian healthcare practice. Our research benefits humanitarian and military healthcare practitioners, organizational policy makers, aid agencies and recipients of aid.

Public Health Emergency Case Study – Guinea

Death, dying, and care in Guinean Ebola Treatment Centres during the 2014-16 epidemic READ THE FINAL CASE REPORT (GUINEA)  Co-leads Prof. Elysée Nouvet (Canada) Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON & School of Health Studies,…

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Peer Reviewed Presentations 2019 Yantzi, R., de Laat, S., Wahoush, O., Khater, W., Alnajer, M., Abu-Siam, I., Musoni, E., Bezanson, K., Nouver, E., Bernard, C., Elit, L., Redwood-Campbell, L., Upshur, R., Hunt, H., Schwartz, L. (2019). Dying in the Margins:…

The Humanitarian Visual Landscape of 2015

by Sonya de Laat
In this article that explores two themes that dominated the humanitarian visual landscape of 2015, the author invites readers to turn attention away from photographic content or form, and consider instead the medium of photography, the technology itself, as essentially and inherently shocking.


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Indonesian Folksong

HumEthNet member Dr. Teuku Renaldi of Aceh, Indonesia shared a traditional folk song with participants of the 2012 Humanitarian Health Ethics Forum. The song is credited with saving many lives during the 2004 tsunami.