Elysée Nouvet

img_4267.jpgElysée Nouvet is an Assistant Professor in Global Health at Western University in London, Ontario, and member of the Humanitarian Health Ethics research group. Trained as a cultural and medical anthropologist, her work explores how cultural norms, values, and power relations shape definitions and responses to need, disease and suffering.

She joined the Humanitarian Health Ethics research group with a particular interest in rendering more explicit often implicit ‘rules’ about what knowledges in what form, as well as whose lived experiences, are most crucial for the development of “good” humanitarian healthcare and research.

Dr. Nouvet has conducted research in Canada, Nicaragua, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Madagascar, and Nepal. She is Principal Investigator on a Canadian Institutes for Health Research project grant (2018-20) that is looking at the ethics of consent and compensation in Global Health research. She is co-investigator on the R2HC grant “Aid when there is ‘nothing left to offer’: palliative care in humanitarian contexts”, co-PI on a Médecins du Monde (Switzerland) funded qualitative study “Challenges to the treatment of pain in palliative pediatric patients in Nicaragua,” and co-PI on the R2HC grant “Perceptions of research conducted during the West Africa Ebola outbreak.” She is also leading (2018-9), with colleagues at StonyBrook University in the U.S. and the Institut Pasteur, Madagascar, a cultural acceptability study of DrOTS in remote Madagascar (Drone Observed Therapy Strategy). DrOTS is an EndTB Wave 5 pilot program whose goal is to increase tuberculosis diagnostic and treatment capacity in hard to reach areas, using drones and other technologies. Dr. Nouvet’s work has been published in top journals including Global Public Health, Cultural Anthropology, Qualitative Social Work, Mortality, and the Lancet.


2011 PhD (Social Anthropology), York University

2002 MA (Visual Anthropology), Goldsmiths College – University of London

2001 MA (Cultural Anthropology), Concordia University