Julia Pemberton

65b9206b-9305-46f6-81b6-7bfedb4842be@fhsadmin_csu_mcmaster_caJulia Pemberton, B.H.Sc., M.Sc., intends for her doctoral research to develop new ways to think about global health research governance. Governance is the way political, ethical, administrative, and financial authority applies to a health research system, and is an important part of how these systems are organized and managed, and how they perform. Governance is fundamental in all health systems; however, it is particularly important in settings where the needs of the population are great but available resources are limited and must be used appropriately to maximize the health benefits of the community.

Julia’s PhD project will use a qualitative interpretive description framework to construct a grounded theory model of how global health research governance is being understood, developed and currently used in the Canadian national health research system. Furthermore, her study will then evaluate the reflexivity of the Canadian governance model in a current global health research partnership in Zambia, Africa. Research on good global health research governance will help ensure that these limited resources are used to address the most significant problems of the community and that the highest ethical standards will be applied. Contextualizing and evaluating the Canadian global health governance model using an existing global health partnership will explore the shared obligations of governance in global health research and the reflexivity of the Canadian model to meet our global partnership responsibilities.

Julia holds a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Honours) from Brock University and a Master of Science in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University.