Lisa Eckenwiler

Lisa ELisa Eckenwiler is Associate Professor of Philosophy at George Mason University and faculty director of the Global Health Ethics Fellows program. Prior to this position, she held appointments at Old Dominion University and Duke University. She has held fellowships at the Center for American Progress and le Centre de Recherche en Ethique at the University of Montreal.

Her research centers on global justice and solidarity, especially with respect to health inequities and vulnerable populations. She is the author of Long-term Care, Globalization and Justice (Johns Hopkins University, 2012), wherein she explored structural injustice and global aging, the migration of care workers, and global health inequities, revealing the intersecting state and global structures that shape specific health vulnerabilities and generate injustice against (densely connected even if dispersed) individuals and populations of people.

Her current research focuses on responsibilities to migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees, specifically how to define responsibilities to people living in conditions of protracted displacement. She has developed an account of “ethical place-making” as one among other remedial responsibilities of justice owed to refugees, asylum-seekers and other migrants. Intersecting with humanitarian health ethics, she leads the international Consortium to on Vulnerability and Equity in Humanitarian Response or COVEHR, examining how international humanitarian organizations understand and operationalize “vulnerability” and “vulnerable populations” in their policies and practices, and the equity and other ethical implications for crisis-affected populations and humanitarian actors.

CV of Lisa Eckenwiler can be found here