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From the publisher: "Humanitarian Action Ethics explores the ethical dilemmas at the heart of humanitarian action in the 21st century, turning theory into practice for enabling effective change. The most comprehensive and up-to-date work on humanitarian ethics currently available. Brings…

What ethical issues arise in outbreaks and pandemics?

Check out this World Health Organization site containing some valuable resources and points of reflection on ethical issues arising during public health outbreaks and pandemics. Consider exploring some of the questions coming out of that site through Case Studies or…

Becoming an anthropologist in post-Ebola Giunea

Follow this link to the blog authored by Sekou Kouyate on the opportunities and challenges of becoming an anthropologist and a qualitative researcher in post-Ebola Guinea. Kouyate is the research assistant and coordinator for HHERG's two R2HC funded studies in…

Just launched: Ethics and the Closure of Humanitarian Healthcare Projects

Though ethicists have examined the ethics of humanitarian priority-setting--including around the initiation of humanitarian projects--to our knowledge, none have undertaken a focused examination of the ethics of closing humanitarian projects.

What is the role of ethics in humanitarian health research?

See HumEthNet members Dónal O'Mathúna, Lisa Schwartz and Matthew Hunt discuss the important role ethics plays throughout the research cycle and within public health research during a humanitarian crisis. About the R2HC research ethics tool.