A Canadian Medical Family’s Humanitarian Legacy

By Gautham Krishnaraj, for the Canadian Red Cross Blog "Over 150 years ago, the Red Cross  Red Crescent Movement was born in the wake of the Battle of Solferino in 1859. Movement founder Henry Dunant was so moved by the…

Becoming an anthropologist in post-Ebola Giunea

Follow this link to the blog authored by Sekou Kouyate on the opportunities and challenges of becoming an anthropologist and a qualitative researcher in post-Ebola Guinea. Kouyate is the research assistant and coordinator for HHERG's two R2HC funded studies in…

Film Review: Bending the Arc

The film shows archival footage of Farmer, Jim Yong Kim and others testifying before global health experts who make offensive statements implying that poor people in Africa are ignorant and not deserving of quality healthcare. In the film, Farmer argues that “optimism is a moral choice” and that we cannot be satisfied with mediocrity.

Ethical challenges in providing pediatric medical care in humanitarian contexts 

There are innumerable ethical challenges and pitfalls ... If a family chooses to leave the hospital during the night even though the child will die without medical treatment, there is often nothing the medical team can do.

In Focus: Joan Marston

In Focus: Member Profile ___________________________________________ Joan Marston is based in South Africa and comes from a background in Nursing and Social Science. She is the Global Ambassador of the International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) having served as its Chief Executive. She was one…