Valentina Antonipillai


Valentina is PhD Candidate in the Health Policy program at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Schwartz. She holds a Master’s degree in Global Health (thesis stream) from McMaster University, where she examined the impact of health insurance cutbacks on health care access and provision for refugees by conducting a stakeholder analysis. Valentina also holds an H. BSc. in Human Biology, Health and Disease from the University of Toronto, where she was the New College Chapter Director for Amnesty International.

Before beginning her PhD, Valentina was a research assistant on a project related to the internationalization of higher education for the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and a program coordinator of an international clinical research program at Michael Garron Hospital.

Her thesis work explores policies regulating the provision of equitable healthcare for vulnerable populations. In particular, she will be examining the impact of various prescription drug coverage schemes on healthcare utilization and health outcomes for immigrant and refugee populations in Canada, incorporating both data science analyses and qualitative approaches to understand the political, economic and social factors involved and inform future policy.

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