Our research contributes to ethical guidance for global humanitarian healthcare interventions by providing evidence and resources for ethical practice in contexts of acute emergency and prolonged development. Learn more about our research projects, publications and presentations here.

By elucidating ethical challenges experienced in humanitarian healthcare settings, we aim to provide support for ethical policy and decision-making with insights from host communities, policy analysis and governance of global health research.

Beginning in 2009 with a cluster of qualitative research studies, our multidisciplinary team of researchers swiftly began to see that the studies needed to be pulled together and a programme of research began to grow. Four years on, we invited a collection of scholars and practitioners to meet to help expand the goals of hhe research with the aim of helping to clarify the ethical issues that are present in humanitarian healthcare practice. This community of practice met in Hamilton, Ontario, in November 2012 at the hhe forum, and have since followed up to become a network of interested researchers and practitioners.  This meeting also resulted in the HumEthNet and the Reflections Newsletter.

Our initial research interests have since developed into stand-alone, yet overlapping, projects: BPREP DRE, ENHA, EHHPP, EMMRG and IE-DRE.


Current studies






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