Invited Presentations

Invited Presentations


Nouvet, Elysée and Schwartz, Lisa (2018) Study on moral experiences of trials conducted during 2014-15 Ebola outbreak. Presentation and seminar for the University of Toronto Joint Center for Bioethics Seminar Series, Toronto, Canada, April 4th. Also webcasted.


Nouvet E. “Palliative care during international humanitarian action: a multi-sectoral global survey.” 7thInternational Committee for Military Medicine Workshop on Military Medical Ethics. May 4-6, 2017 – Forum Lilienberg, Ermatingen, Switzerland.


Nouvet, Elysée. 2016. Recherche anthropologique au service de la santé publique : méthodes, considérations, et EER (évaluation ethnographique rapide). Training session presented to the Comité National d’Évaluation de la Recherche en Santé (CNERS), Conakry, Guinée, le 19 décembre

Schwartz, Lisa. 2016. L’éthique de recherche socio-anthropologique. Training session presented to the Comité National d’Evaluation de la Recherche en Santé (CNERS), Conakry, Guinée, le 19 décembre


Hunt MR. 2015. Humanitarian action and ethics. Humanitarian Studies Initiative, Montreal, QC, 18 February.

Hunt MR. 2015. Ethics of surveillance in public health emergencies. World Health Organization Workshop on ethics in epidemics, public health emergencies and disasters, Cape Town, South Africa, 26 April.

Hunt MR. 2015. Problèmes éthiques en recherche lors d’une crise humanitaire. Le maintien minimum des services de santé en zones de conflits. Global Health Research Capacity Strengthening Program, Montreal, QC, 13 May.

Hunt MR, McClennan M, Pringle J, Boulanger R. 2015. Ethical challenges and disaster management. Canadian Red Cross Operations Managers Training, Ottawa, ON, 25 May.

Schwartz L. 2015. Ethics in human research. Student Workshop on Research Ethics, Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board, McMaster Research Ethics Board and School of Graduated Studies, Hamilton ON, 19  January.

Schwartz L, Upshur R. 2015. Ethics and Ebola: How do we address complex ethical issues in an evolving humanitarian emergency? Global Health and CHEPA Speaker Series, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, 14 January.


Bernard C, Hunt MR. 2014. Navigating the ethical terrain. Health Systems Strengthening: Improving Governance and Ensuring Equity. Centre for Global Health, Ottawa ON, 5 November.

Hunt MR. 2014. Navigating ethical challenges in humanitarian health work. Oral Health and Society Seminar Series, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill, Montreal, QC, 22 January.

Hunt MR. 2014. Ethics of humanitarian response. Humanitarian Studies Initiative, Montreal, QC, 2 April.

Hunt MR. 2014. Inclusion, disability and the international response to disasters. Closing plenary. Rehabilitation Research Colloquium (McGill – Queen’s). Montreal, QC, 2 May.

Hunt MR. 2014. Tragic choices and enacting least worst options in humanitarian healthcare. Biomedical Ethics Institute, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 19 May.

Hunt MR. 2014. “For the mission”: Ethical challenges for Canadian military health professionals in Afghanistan. Brocher Foundation Workshop on Global Health, Counterterrorism and Ethics, Geneva, Switzerland, 22 May.

Hunt MR. 2014. Navigating ethical challenges in humanitarian crises: tragic choices, uncertainty and least-worst options. Workshop on technology-mediated tragic decisions in military, police and disaster management. Zurich, Switzerland, 22 October.

Nouvet E. 2014. Nicaraguan perceptions of humanitarian healthcare missions. Ethics Grand Rounds, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University, 14 May.

Schwartz L. 2014. Developing a unified policy and advocacy platform for humanitarian medicine stakeholder workshop. Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa, ON, 3 June.

Schwartz L. 2014. Ethics and the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, ON, 17 September.

Schwartz L. 2014. Tools in clinical ethical decision-making in disasters. COST Action Grant International Conference on Disaster Bioethics, Porto, Portugal, 9-10 October.

Schwartz L. 2014. Ethical issues related to research for Ebola virus disease. WHO Ethics Working Group meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 20-21 October.

Schwartz L. 2014. Points of intersection revisited: The ethics of humanitarian healthcare practice. 3rd Annual Upshur Lecture on Public Health Ethics, 12 November.


Hunt MR. 2013. Ethical implications of diversity in disaster research. Public Health Ontario Grand Rounds: Ethics Now, Toronto, ON, and multiple webinar locations, 23 January.

Hunt MR. 2013. Navigating ethical challenges during participation in global health. Plenary speaker for meeting of the International Health Division at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Congress, Montreal, QC, 25 May.

Hunt MR. 2013. Engaging, preparing and supporting students and practitioners for the ethics of global health work  (invited contribution to panel on professionalization and global health). Canadian Conference on Global Health,  Ottawa, ON, 28 October.

Schwartz L. 2013. Experience of the actors. From Humanity to Complicity? Ethical Duties and Dilemmas of Humanitarian Action in Armed Conflicts, Brocher Foundation Symposium, Geneva, Switzerland, 4-5 November.

Schwartz L, Hunt MR, Elit L, Redwood-Campbell L, Adelson N, de Laat S. 2013. Global health ethics and the role of health professionals. International Women’s Health Symposium, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, Calgary, Alberta, 11 June.


Hunt MR. 2012. Ethical challenges encountered by health professionals during humanitarian aid and development work. Global Health Colloquium. International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, Quebec chapter (IFMSA-Qc), Montreal, QC, 24 March.

Hunt MR. 2012. Sources of ethical challenge: What do we know and where are the gaps? Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics Forum, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, 22 November.

Hunt MR. 2012. Seeking moral bearings: experiences of ethical challenge for health professionals in humanitarian work. Graduate School of Public and International Affairs Lectures in Global Public Health. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, 7 November.

Schwartz L. 2012. Humanitarian health care ethics & military health ethics. Global Health Conference, London, ON, 28 April.


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Hunt MR. 2010. Une éthique de la présence pour les pratiques en soins de santé en contexte d’aide humanitaire. Approches Interdisciplinaires du Raisonnement Moral en Contexte, Symposium, Paris, France, 12  April.

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