Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants – Geneva, Oct. 2015

A timely event of interest to many HumEthNet members. From Medical Anthropology Switzerland (MAS), a one-day colloquium with providers’ and migrants’  perspectives on the provision of healthcare for [undocumented] migrants.

Colloquium event: October 10, 2015          Registration deadline: September 5, 2015


Case Study: Co-opting of Aid Organizations

An international medical NGO is staffing a health clinic in a remote village located near a large-scale agriculture enterprise operated by a multinational corporation. Many of the clinic’s patients are migrant workers who have come to the region seeking work at the commercial farm. Employees receive low wages by local standards, work very long hours, and have poor living conditions. Many of the workers and their family members present to the clinic with signs of malnutrition. A number of them also report respiratory complaints and skin and eye problems, which they associate with their handling of pesticides on the large farm.