Motor cycle ambulance used to transport patients in rural Burkina Faso

Developed to be used with the HHEAT, cases present brief stories, based on the reflections of healthcare practitioners and students, about ethical challenges experienced in humanitarian healthcare contexts. They spark deliberation about decision-making in ethically challenging situations.

ENHA Case Study Series

Balancing Priorities in a Medical Emergency View Download PDF
Conflicting Priorities during a Public Health Emergency View Download PDF
Co-opting of Aid Organizations View  Download PDF
Coping with Outbreaks of Disease with Limited Resources View Download PDF
Disclosure of an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis View Download PDF
Injections Better than Pills? View Download PDF
Patient Transfer During Period of Heightened Security View Download PDF
Patient Triage in a Low Resource Setting View Download PDF
Photographing Patients without Consent View Download PDF
Relations between Western Military Forces and NGOs View Download PDF
Responding to Needs Beyond One’s Experience or Training View Download PDF
Sterilization of a Patient without Her Consent View Download PDF
Tensions between Western Professional Ethics and Local Gender Norms View Download PDF
To Test or Not to Test? View Download PDF
Treatment of Patient Needs Outside of Project Mandate View Download PDF

Student Case Study Series

Acting Beyond One’s Competency Level during International Medical Electives View Download PDF
Responding to the Suffering of Patients View Download PDF
Root Causes of Differences in Healthcare Delivery between Countries
View Download PDF

Submit a Case!

Prior to submitting a case, please contact, with the proposed case study idea (2-3 sentences).  Upon approval of the topic continue with the following submission guidelines.

Cases should be no longer than 500 words (preferably 250-350 words) in length. They should describe the context and provide some background information on the situation. Anonymization of personal names and names of organizations should already be completed. Names of cities and countries should also be removed, but references to geographic region or terrain (e.g., subsaharan Africa or densely forested region) pertinent to the case context may be included.

All cases will be edited for clarity. If we receive several case study submissions on a given subject area we may elect to compile a case. In such instances, all those contributing to the case submissions will be listed among the author/co-authors under “Case submitted by…”.

Identify all authors and provide contact information for the corresponding author.

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