Step 3: Review the Ethical Issue

Does the information gathered lead us to reformulate the issue?

This step allows you to review and assess all information that has been gathered so far, identify important knowledge gaps (if any), and reformulate or reframe the ethical issue in light of new facts and discussion.

It is also helpful to identify any obstacles or impediments that may hinder outcomes, or make potential courses of action difficult or impossible.

Questions to consider when reviewing and, if necessary, reformulating the ethical issue in light of new information:

  • Does the process so far reveal new aspects of the ethical issue or suggest the need to reformulate or redefine the issue?
  • What information is missing from our data gathering and how can we account for these information gaps in the decision-making process?
  • Do any features act as impediments or constraints to the situation and contribute to the ethical issue?
  • Are any obstacles related to agencies’ policies and agendas?
  • Have our biases/interests affected how we perceive the issue?

More detail can be found on page 18 of the HHEAT Handbook.

Return to HHEAT Handbook at a Glance.

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