Current Health Situation of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Rise in Communicable Diseases: measles, risk of epidemics (Tuberculosis, Polio, Waterborne disease).

High incidence of Chronic Diseases: 54% of Syrian refugees had chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease (14.77%) and diabetes (12.5%), and 47% suffered from skin diseases, 27% from digestive system diseases, 19% from respiratory diseases, and 13% with mental illness.

Maternal Health: the pregnancy rate was found to be 9%.

Mental Health: Refugees suffer from anxiety, depression, lethargy, eating and sleeping problems, anger and fatigue.

Older Persons:  66% of older persons described their health as bad and 77 % of older people were found to have specific needs.

Impairment and Injuries : one in five refugees is affected by physical, sensory or intellectual impairment.

(Refaat & Mohanna, 2013; Amel, 2013; Quosh, Eloul, & Ajlani, 2013; Helpage & HI, 2014)