Investigating Researchers’ Experience of Ethics in Post-Disaster Research (IE-DRE)

Research in disasters is thought to lead to improvements in disaster relief and better understanding of how disasters impact populations. Recent emphasis on disaster research has spurred expanded discussion regarding the ethical implications of this field of inquiry. We are conducting a study to investigate the kinds of ethical issues faced by researchers operating in post-disaster settings, and the extent to which current resources, such as ethics guidelines, appropriately address those issues.

Would you be interested in participating?

We invite researchers to participate in an interview, approximately 45-90 minutes in duration, to discuss their experience and perceptions of the ethical dimensions of disaster research in low-resource settings. Researchers’ experience will provide us with valuable insight into the expectations and pressures they faced. The analysis of the interviews will contribute to the assessment of what resources and guidance would benefit researchers.

Please contact Renaud Boulanger,, if you have any questions, would like additional information, or wish to indicate your interest to participate in the study.

For more information on the project and what is expected of participants, please review the Informed Consent Form.