Ethics Narratives in Humanitarian Aid  (ENHA)

Full citation:

  • Schwartz, Lisa, Naomi Adelson, Laurie Elit, Lynda Redwood-Campbell, Chris Sinding. “Ethics in conditions of disaster & deprivation: learning from health workers’ narratives.” CIHR Operating Grant. (2009-2012). CIHR#173548.

When healthcare professionals (HCPs) are working outside their familiar surroundings, where they have limited access to familiar resources and customs, their encounter with ethically challenging situations that can be especially difficult.

Our aim in collecting stories of ethical challenges faced by HCPs, help understand types of ethical issues they face and the means they have employed to respond to situations – if a response was possible.

Canadian foreign aid workers and those working for international relief agencies, as well as students of healthcare professions on international electives in resource poor countries, participated by sharing their stories of ethical dilemmas they encountered.  These stories informed Cases designed to spark deliberation about decision-making in ethically challenging situations.

Dramatic reading of ENHA transcript narratives at the Points of Intersection Symposium at Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, November 26-27, 2010. Readers included (l-r) Lisa Schwartz, Matthew Hunt, Lynda Redwood-Campbell and Laurie Elit, with narrative commentary by Christina Sinding, at the podium.

Select publications from the ENHA study

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