Roles and Responsibilities  of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)

The MoPH provides primary health care services to displaced Syrians through its national primary health care network. The capacity of primary healthcare centers was increased.

Additionally, the MoPH has 16 mobile clinics to provide medical consultations, vaccination, health education , treatment.

Recently, the MoPH launched an immunization campaign that reached 162,000 children, mostly Syrians. It also vaccinated 730,000 children against Polio, of which 40% were Syrians.

MoPH covers emergency care for displaced Syrians at public hospitals which otherwise contributes to their impoverishment.

The MoPH for PHC team has conduction of 3 training workshops on prevention and treatment.

The MoPH has also conducted 4 training workshops on Reproductive and Sexual Health in Crisis; this was provided to approximately 100 healthcare providers in UNRWA and MoSA.

Establishment of Nutrition Emergency Committee to prevent and manage malnutrition in response to the Syrian crisis.