HumEthNet & Reflections

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HumEthNet is a COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE committed to developing & using research, education, policy, and/or tools to ADDRESS ETHICAL CHALLENGES IN HUMANITRATIAN HEALTHCARE in order to reduce practitioners’ moral distress and improve ethical practice and decision-making AT MULTIPLE LEVELS.

            -HumEthNet working statement

The Humanitarian Health Ethics Network (HumEthNet) is a multidisciplinary network initiated by the hhe research group in 2012 to foster the global exchange of ideas and to further collaborations with the aim of advancing and generating knowledge to inform ethical practice in humanitarian healthcare.

HumEthNet was launched during the Humanitarian Health Ethics Forum held at McMaster University in November 2012. Emerging from the rich conversations and the multitude of topics raised during the Forum, the Network developed a research agenda subsequently published in 2014:

Hunt MR, Schwartz L, Pringle J, Boulanger R, Nouvet E, O’Math̼na D & Participants of the Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics Forum. 2014. A research agenda for humanitarian health ethics. PLOS Currents Disasters. Edition 112 August.

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Access Reflections, HumEthNet’s newsletter here.


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