Kawakeb Webinar: The Ethical Considerations in the Research Conducted During Armed Conflicts

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Dr. Ghaiath is a medical doctor, bioethicist, and assistant professor in medical ethics and law at Trinity College Dublin. He earned a master’s degree and PhD in bioethics from the University of Toronto, Canada, and the University of Birmingham, UK, respectively. He is the main co-author of the Professionalism and Ethics Handbook for Residents, the main training and medical licensing examination reference for medical ethics in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. He has also contributed to other training manuals, including the WHO’s Training manual on ethics in epidemics, emergencies, and disasters: research, surveillance, and patient care. For more than a decade, he has been teaching bioethics for medical students, interns, researchers, postgraduate trainees, and public health practitioners. He has been helping medical schools and health institutions in Saudi Arabia establish bioethics departments, develop medical ethics curricula, and set examination standards. Regionally, he has helped in developing and delivering the first public health ethics curriculum in the middle east in collaboration with EMPHNET. His international expertise includes providing consultations and the membership of research ethics boards along with writing modules in training manuals for organizations like WHO, UNESCO, and MSF. 

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