Join the First Session: Study of a Participatory Assessment Tool for Community-Led Humanitarianism

Register here:

The Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD), a global consortium of 1500+ civil society organizations from around the world, developed through collaborative research a Participatory CLD Assessment Tool to orient dialogue around CLD processes in project design, implementation, and closure. The aim is that program officers, funders, governments, community members, and NGOs can use this tool to determine how the program aligns with the CLD characteristics, and enable reviewers and stakeholders to undertake course corrections, where agreed and needed. 

The tool is available in multiple languages and is being used by INGOs, community based organizations, local governments and development partners from all over the world. As many MCLD members work in humanitarian contexts, we are now in the process of studying how the tool would apply to them and what adaptations, if any, are needed for it to be applicable for programming in humanitarian contexts.

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